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Our History

In October of 1949, Richard A Gunson Sr. started a home improvements company. In 1945, Richard Sr. was released from the Navy. He gained experience of construction and sales by working as a carpenter and then managing the Vineland office of a contractor. When he started the business they occupied a building at 1241 Black Horse Pike. West Jersey Construction Company was incorporated in June of 1950. The name was chosen because of the area of location. (The early settlers of NJ drew a map separating the state into east and west.)

Richard Sr. picked excellent carpenters and mechanics, wanting to offer the best in workmanship. In those days, customers were solicited door to door. Since the customers needed financing, he arranged relationships with banks. He hired four solicitors, and eventually four salesmen.

He had a good crew of employees. Excellent workmanship was his goal. He believed in doing the closest thing to perfection as possible. He would call his customers after a year had passed after completing their jobs to make sure that they were completely satisfied.. He could not live with any complaints. If he did receive a complaint in the morning, it would be fixed by that afternoon. Taking care of his employees and customers and giving back was most important. Employees enjoyed working for him because he treated then decently and fairly.

Now the business is mostly by referrals.

His philosophy was that the customer is always right. If the customer is not satisfied, they will receive their money back. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Nothing less than complete customer satisfaction and quality workmanship has created a highly reputable business. The business grew as it added many satisfied customers, their families and friends.

Richard Sr. was involved in NERSICA (National Association of Roofing, Siding, Insulating Contractors). This was a voluntary organization of highly reputable contractors trying to clean up the industry. He was the local president of this organization in 1958. In 1958, a freeholder whose family was taken over by an unreputable contractor tried to clean up the industry and passed new legislation in the state of NJ. Richard Sr. was put on the legislative committee and he wanted to give the customers the right to rescind a contract within three days of signing it. This part of that law is now a federal law. Since the law was never policed, some of the bad characters in contracting continued to exist. Nothing was ever done about them. Richard Sr. became Executive Vice President of NERSICA in 1961. They later split up into divisions, and the regional state organization became New Jersey Remodelers Association.

Richard Jr. started as a young teenager helping on jobs, picking up trash and assisting the mechanics. At age 16, he started as a cold canvasser, picking up leads for the salesmen and learning the business. While working as a salesman for WJC, he graduated from Rutgers University in 1978 with a degree in Business Administration. As he developed in his knowledge he wanted to offer additional services to his customers.

Continuing in the values and ethics of our history, we strive to meet the needs of homeowners; putting their needs first and making sure that we get a first class quality job. Because we build relationships of trust with our customers, we get so much repeat business and referrals.

“Our 59 year legacy is built upon integrity, pride and professionalism. I will personally customize your work to meet your needs and desires. With my fully trained staff your satisfaction will be completely guaranteed.” Rich Gunson, Owner West Jersey Construction Company, Inc.

Why Choose West Jersey Construction?

  • Family Owner operated since 1950
  • We have our own crews- talented carpenters who have been with us for generations , not subcontractors.
  • Rich Gunson, Owner, will personally take the time to meet with you, discuss your desires, design your project and supervise it through completion.
  • We work in a continuous fashion. We don’t start and stop during project.
  • WJC is registered with the State of NJ Licensed Home remodeling contractor.
  • WJC is a member of New Jersey Remodelers Association, a very highly esteemed and reputable organization which also has a “Good Samaritan” program to try to clean up the industry.
  • WJC is fully insured with the best insurance available for homeowner’s protection.
  • WJC has a long list of satisfied customers.
  • WJC handles the EBTIRE job. Nothing complicated for the homeowner. The homeowner does not have to deal with multiple contractors for different aspects of the job/project.
  • WJC has a long history of getting it done right since 1950.
  • WJC customizes each job according to homeowner’s needs and desires.
  • WJC has a long list of satisfied customers, some for generations.